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[id24725731|Andrey Kostenko], a member of the working group on environmental protection under the Administration of the city of Chelyabinsk, requires the convening of meetings of the group.

Issues have a lot, again living in a state of NMU, but all summer, the officials ignored his appeal. Patience is running out.

V. Moskovets

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Sent Kotova here is the requirement

IO head of Chelyabinsk Kotova N. P.
Kostenko, A. M., member of the working group on environment on the territory of Chelyabinsk
The last meeting of the working group was almost six months ago. You ignore our requests on convocation of the next meeting, so I am using my right of a member of the working group, require the convening of an extraordinary meeting.
The fact that at the previous meeting I was then transferred to the head of the city V. A. Elistratova our proposals for non-use in cleaning the streets of the reactants, backed by the signatures of the residents of Chelyabinsk. We were assured that the proposals are not just adopted and already sent for consideration and implementation. But, in reality, we see no steps to implement them.
I demand that an extraordinary meeting with Your report about what stage they are now working to implement our proposals. The season of snow is not far off, so I demand that an extraordinary meeting would be held no later than Friday , 13.09.2019 G.

10.09.2019. __________________(Kostenko A. M.)