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MEANWHILE... IN BASHKIRIA DDT-club recorded a song in support of the residents of Bashkiria, protesting against developments repost shikhanov V. Moskovets #Stopgo

Stop Mining

We have another premiere!
"SHIKHANY MUST LIVE" - with the participation of the Ufa rock-musicians!

So, the premiere of the video for the song "Shikhany have to live"...
Song written and recorded in the protection of the unique natural complex of the mountain hills - Shikhany, located in the Bashkir TRANS-Urals...

Yuri Shevchuk, TEM Bulatov, Niyaz Abdyushev, HART Iskhakov, Klim Egorov, Timur Sabitov, Vyacheslav Shilkin, Ruslan Galeev.

Children: Rafael Mukhamadiev, Renata Sabitova

Director – Timur Sabitov

Operators: Airat Mansurov, Timur Mukhamadeev, Klim Egorov, Evgeny Romanov, Dmitry Ituacu

Aerial Photography: Vladimir Veins, Timur Mukhamadeev, Ilus Tuhvatullin

Mounting: High One, Ruslan Mulyukov

Director Tata

Assistant Director - Ruben

Composer – Timur Sabitov

Text: Irek Sabitov Timur Sabitov, TEM Bulatov

Arrangement – Climate Egorov

Note – KLIM Records

The arrangement of the music in the credits - Omega9


Shikhany must live!

Here is the space, and in space many planets
But in addition to the Land designated to us no more.
And there is on the planet a nice plant
And have someone there have a lot of concerns:
Ancient mountains to tear, rip and tear,
And carefully lie, carefully lie.
Ovens harness the planet, as the candle burns the thread
But if we the people have mountains to live!

Shikhany must live!
Shikhany must live!
Shikhany must live!
Must live!

They say they lack raw materials.
Their raw materials - it's you, it's we, it's me.
They want our Motherland
Blasting, processing, packaging and selling.
But it is important to see grandchildren
These mountains. From the mountains all you need to clean up the hands.
Not every wound will heal the planet.
Sahtu, I beg, tell me all about it!
Plant your body itself burned and digested in gold powder.
The wiring of the furnace planet, like a candle burning the thread.
But if we the people, the mountain will live!

Shikhany will live!
Shikhany will live!
Shikhany will live!
Will live!

Shikhany will live!
Tratou will live!
Of yuraktau will live!
Kustow will live!
Will To Live!!!

Shikhany will live!