Stop Mining


This response from the President's Administration has already become familiar to us all, and for the most active and purposeful, not afraid of the word, Savior of Chelyabinsk Svetlana Knyazeva.

What this answer says? That ceresino myvseumrem? Or that "citizens of the Chelyabinsk agglomeration learned about another "guard order" (K. Ivashin) protecting the financial interests of the Russian off-shore company "RMK", without passing the Guarantor of the Constitution of the Russian Federation of treatment specialists, public of Chelyabinsk on illegal design and construction of a new dangerous object – Tominsk GOK"?

"We believe these "guardians" following orders "influential lobby" RMK, violating the constitutional rights of citizens.
Citizens of Chelyabinsk have finally learn the names of the "influential lobby", giving the illegal permissiveness and impunity of RMK activities on our South-Ural land"?

Svitlana openly and honestly States that "long-term analysis of this activity allows to draw a conclusion about an obedient subordinate to the "lobby" not only the Government of the Chelyabinsk region and the government agencies Ministry of Russia, Rospotrebnadzor, etc."

The instruction Svitlana is all new irrefutable evidence of the illegality of this Scam. On our behalf, not knowing the rest of labor.

"Sir, The Guarantor Of The Constitution!
Failure to comply with the Basic Law – the Constitution
in our legal state civil servants of the office of the President is UNACCEPTABLE!"

With a big thanks to S. V. Knyazeva, Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining