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25.08.2019 Russian Prosecutor General and Prosecutor CHO sent a letter with valid irrefutable evidence of the illegality of the transfer of forest blocks Shershenevsky forestry of the categories "forest area" in category "commercial forest" in the interests not of Russian, offshore companies "RMK" under the ground plan of Tohoku.

However, instead of the expected measures of prosecutorial response, the response received from the Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area, which is formal, not a professional reply.

Directing additional, irrefutable documents proving corruption, the illegality of the transfer of forest blocks, experts, the public of Chelyabinsk insist on their professional learning and further responses "on the merits" by the Procurator's office.

Require urgent measures of Prosecutor's response:
• Recognition illegal the decree of the Government CHO № 57-P dated 20.02.2013 and the Order of the Federal forestry Agency № 337 dated 25.11.2013;
• The prosecution of state officials responsible for this "Scam";
• The closure of environmentally and economically flawed project Tominsk GOK;
• Implementation of the constitutional will of the citizens, saying:
No! the construction of the Tominsk GOK.

Citizens do not understand or accept the decisions of the courts on this issue in connection with their groundlessness, unfairness and injustice.

Mr. Attorney General!
Illegal construction enterprise category I, hazard class 1 destroys valuable forests that give today the city of Chelyabinsk is 55% pure oxygen enriched air. Tomorrow the air will bring to the citizens of highly toxic elements: arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, etc..
The role of the General Prosecutor's office is to protect citizens ' rights and freedoms of Man and Citizen, the rule of Law.
It is demanded by the citizens of the Chelyabinsk agglomeration.

On behalf of the public
The independent expert,
a designer with over 50 years of experience,
20 years of experience GIPA Chelyabinsk Gipromez S. V. Knyazeva

With a big thanks to S. V. Knyazeva, Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining