"НАКАНУНЕ.RU" said: "In Chelyabinsk is preparing to rally to protect the water resources

Activists of the movement "Stop the mine" I want to hold in Chelyabinsk the rally to protect the water resources, first of all, the sole and uncontested source of water supply million city – reservoir Hornets. The application to hold the event in the city centre and served on 12 and 13 October, the process of agreeing, correspondent Накануне.RU.

"The purpose of the public event: attracting public attention to the problem of the ongoing construction of the Tominsk GOK plans to RMK the fence 26 million cubic meters/year of drinking water from the river Miass to their production needs," say the activists of the purpose of the action on his page in the social network.

The alleged slogan of the event: "Water for Chelyabinsk, but not for the GOK", "GOK Tominskiy - a threat to national security of Russia", "For wood, for water, for our nature!", "The South Urals against the felling of trees!", etc. the Organizers are going to agree on holding protest actions on the Scarlet field in Chelyabinsk, in the event of failure on the crossroads of the Sverdlovsk prospectus and Lenin Avenue, is the center of the city.

In September Накануне.RU told that a number of deputies of the city Duma of Chelyabinsk, members of the Public chamber and experts expressed concern about the status of the Hornets as the only drinking water source of cities. Regional and municipal authorities know about the problem, several projects were prepared to deal with it, which for various reasons was never implemented

Activists of the "Stop Mining" opposed to the construction near Chelyabinsk Tominsk GOK, of course, annoying the plans of the operator of the project water intake from the Hornets for the production needs of the company."

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