23 Oct 2019. in Chelyabinsk have passed public discussion of the problems of urban greening, WHO SHOULD plant trees and shrubs in CHELYABINSK: PRIVATE CONTRACTORS OR MUNICIPAL ENTERPRISE?

The discussion was attended by representatives of AV, #Stopcock, Chelyabinsk, breathe!, member of the Legislative Assembly Mikhail Makhov and members of regional councils Elena Vakhtin and Ales Subbotin, business representatives and the city administration (Department of ecology and environmental management).

Moderator O. A. Magazov: "key issues:

1. The General plan of the city. Gardening is one of the elements of the General plan of the city. The previous master plan is implemented "how it goes". As drafted the new master plan focused on the city's 1.4 million residents (almost a third more than now lives in Chelyabinsk), is unclear. Is there a need for so hastily to accept it?

2. General plan tied "the Concept of greening of the main streets," prepared by specialists of the Botanical garden of CSU on the instructions of the developers of the General plan. While this document is not available to the General public, but the public already have questions.

3. The reconstruction of municipal enterprise in the field of landscaping was supported by the majority of discussion participants.

4. Connecting the public and experts on the stages of "planning - development of technical specifications - preparation of project" in the field of landscaping. There are citywide programs that are given and will be given to Department of road Management (udkh). Everything else in the framework of improvement activities down to the areas along with budget financing. Have to agree with the district administrations, and udkh. We need volunteers who are ready to establish cooperation with district administrations and udkh. We engage interested regional Council members, but they still need help from volunteers. (

The opinion of the participants in the discussions J. Magazova

The speech of V. Moskovets - the video (thanks for it Andrew Kostenko and Ivan Volkov)

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