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The tailings storage facility near Krasnoyarsk has been removed from residential points to 200 kilometers. If this happens we will suffer 15-20 thousand inhabitants of the villages around: they are at a distance of from one to six kilometers.

The production is a danger to drinking water quality?

Only this year, the office of Rospotrebnadzor twice said: "it is Impossible to issue permits for water abstraction from the river Miass above Shershenevsky water storage". RMK come from CPS even quit one of the employees, and in September a positive opinion was issued. And you are on the river Miass in the city? What remains when Shershenevsky water storage volume of 176 million cubic meters will take 39,42 million cubic meters of water?

Dolgobrodsky channel can help to avoid shallowing of the river?

— Look there is three millionth. Yekaterinburg, about 200 km from Chelyabinsk — 400 km — Ufa. Ekaterinburg feeds from our Nyazepetrovsky reservoir, and we want to take water from the river Ufa the Republic of Bashkortostan. Is the city of Ufa, which the authorities are unlikely to say, "Yes, please, take as you need". And second, Dolgobrodskaja channel yet, and until the end of the year and the resolution Tominskiy mine already prepares and going to run it in December.

In Chelyabinsk to be a very dry year. You believe that Mcsneaky then say, "Stop production, we our millions do not need, let the Chelyabinsk drink the water"? It's impossible, no one will check. Do not belittle and harm from dust created from piles. But the water — her disappearance, and pollution — the biggest danger.

What about the reclamation of Korkinsky cut?

Is not an option. Yes, it may be possible to drain the waste from the thickeners. But underground water is not going anywhere, they will be contaminated hypothalami GOK. However, to be honest, I don't believe RMK is generally launch pipeline. Will pretend will pave the rusty pipes, throw them in a ton and a half of the pulp and say, "Oh, do not pass, so for the sake of the residents start putting waste in the pond-drive". Recall, again, the tragedy near Krasnoyarsk. Then who will control?

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Vera Savchenko

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