Pavel Chikov /Agora/ reports: "for the first time, the ECHR communicated the complaint of the Russians from going to landfill

The European court of human rights has consolidated and communicated 14 complaints of the Russians about landfill "Alexin quarry" (operates LLC "Plant"), 4 km from the little Wedge. This is the first decision to consider the case for the entire history of Russia's participation in the ECHR, concerning the landfill, and the third communication complaints of Russians to the environmental problems.

The appeal to Strasbourg was preceded by a litigation demanding the closure of the landfill in Russia.

"Probable compensation is nice, but it is not the primary purpose of filing a complaint, says one of the applicants Alexei Kotov.— The ECHR is a legal tool which helps to achieve the recognition of violations at least at the international level and ultimately to achieve closure of the landfill. What else should I do if responsible officials only Express surprise facts overload landfills, the maximum allowable concentration levels and the location of the dump in the flight area of the existing airfield Wedge-5?"

The ECHR asked a number of questions to the Russian authorities, including whether there was afforded an effective remedy in Russia and have exhausted their applicants; whether there was interference in the applicants ' right to respect for their private and family life due to the proximity of the current landfill. In addition, the court requests the government to clarify whether eliminated violations of the sanitary legislation OOO "Kombinat", are there any actions to clean-up landfill and what is its fate.

"This process is associated not only with protests but also with the ability of the state to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, says the head of the international practice of the "Agora" Kirill Koroteev, who is representing the applicants to the ECHR.— Violations of the operator of the landfill, we counted about two dozen." According to Mr. Koroteeva, in the event of winning the case in the ECHR, the society will be able to require specific action from government agencies on compliance with legislation and right to healthy environment."


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