"Over two days the court.
Read out the charge.
I'm allowed to work within the Chelyabinsk region.
Interrogated "victims" - JSC Tominskiy GOK and the Directorate of forests.
In our opinion, the victims they cannot be considered, in principle. Yeah and CCP too.

1. AO Tominskiy GOK believes that if the burned van guard (85,000 rubles value), it could stop the construction of 1 day (and could and not to stop). In this case, from not starting on time, there would be produced a certain quantity of ore, worth in the N-th number of rubles. Had help with the calculations without bringing the documents on which these calculations are based, i.e. lime. And the damage from the hypothetical lost the trailer, I think significant, without citing for comparison the value of its assets, profits. That is, again, Linden.
And if so, request these same documents, may justify the significance of nenalezeno damage.
Arkhipova - head of legal Department, GOK doesn't know: is there fencing of which lay the wood;
how many piles of wood;
which way it was carried to the scene;
who is responsible for fire safety at the facility;
when and who set the wagons on the field;
the number of the plot where lay the wood;
and much more.
-that the GOK is a private enterprise;
-that the government is not putting money into it;
she's a head of the legal Department.
Freak show...

2. Main Department of forests manages the forest as he grows up. When cut down - no. Sells the wood, the Agency, the contract of purchase and sale of the seal of the government, the money goes to the Treasury. The balance of the wood did not take any GU's forests, nor the government. Wood sold the whole without reserve, the buyer is happy. There is no damage. But the article 167 of the criminal code I have. Victims be considered neither the government nor state forests can not.

Felled timber should be stored on forest land, but was stored where it is convenient Goku, namely in a clearing beside the road. And this is not the territory of the plant. Baklanov - the Deputy chief of forestry said that it could burn, since no known way of access for fire engines (yeah, road Shumake - Tomino, may day next), there is no reservoir of at least 100 cubic meters of water (in the kilometer large pond in Tomino, where several thousand cubic meters), was mineralized strips (to prevent fire) does not know. Although the first court said that the fire spread could not, the ground was dug up, including tractors, it was wet. Generally do not burn.

On petition leaving in place the judge did not respond at all. We have evidence that the scene in fact is incorrect. And therefore need to send the case back to the Prosecutor.

That something like this after two days. Insanely tired, have forgotten a lot, I'll listen to the audio recording.
PS On a photo my face in court."


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