Stop Mining


Thanks for the link Alexander Semeniuk.

Want to break the text into phrases and discuss each.
"RMK has melted the hearts of almost all "official" journalists of the city" - all this would be believable if journalism would be independent. And it's not even funny.

"Chelyabinsk could deal with Goku, if I believed the government. The problem with Mining is largely a problem of distrust" - excuse me, my friend, the laws of chemistry, physics and others is not a matter of faith or mistrust. And Yes, I don't want to talk about the fact that the percentage of distrust of government is growing around the country as a whole and not just in a single Chelyabinsk.

"In the summer, when we drove into the territory of the GOK and fall protection, I noted their learning and ability to stay within certain limits" - so it, forgive, depending on who will call on the territory of the plant. Boris Zolotarevsky met quite differently.

"Well-trained, polite, visokosolska representatives of RMK" - well, how here not to remember "the Judas kiss". Even do not want to comment.

"RMK really looks like a structure that wants to maintain a good image" - so we are talking about the image or about the environmental damage say? Built by RMK FokI might be good, only here such companies as "Uralgidromed '" in Polevskoy, "Karabashmed", give a much better idea of the threat to the environment from such plants.

Presence examinations have convinced me, if the experts bore personal responsibility. And our realities are only convinced that two and two might give in the end 3, and 7, depending on the desires of the customer.

The article confirmed my thoughts: cheating is not difficult, who are happy to be deceived. And even the one who is deceived is not happy at all, can cheat, because people do not want to believe the worst of it is the normal protection of our mind.

And thanks to Artem Krasnov for his position. Because he's like a can returns to this theme and defends the necessity of this return.

Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining