N. And. Orthosia: "What does the letter answer? It means that Tominskiy GOK important to ensure uninterrupted quality drinking water to 1.5 million citizens of Chelyabinsk, Korkino, Kopeisk, of Yemanzhelinsk, Poletayevo, Kremenchugskaja .settlement..

The priority use of water resources for drinking and domestic use water supply before other purposes of their use and their protection through the establishment of sanitary protection zones were fixed by the Decree of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR No. 96 and of the Council of people's Commissars of the USSR № 834 17 may 1937!!!, currently the Water Code of the Russian Federation (articles 3, 6, 43, 46 of the Federal law № 74 03.06.2006-g).

But it scored in Chelyabinsk heads of Federal agencies, which allowed the Minister to issue a permit for the use of the Miass river, to the detriment of the interests of the 1.5 million citizens..

See conclusion AO Tominskiy MPC is obtained under the condition of water supply Tominsk GOK due to the drainage water of Korkinsky coal cut, treated wastewater Korkino discharged into the river Chumlyak, treated wastewater p. of Novosineglazovo discharged into the lake. Sineglazovo. The stated need was 8.2 million m3 per year. In the EIA it was stated that resources in the basin of the river Miass completely exhausted..
After the environmental audit uggu, AO Tominskiy GOK announced the increase of water consumption.

The public provides information about changing the source of water supply. It was planned for the water phase after treatment facilities of sewage in the city of Chelyabinsk in the amount of 40 million m3 per year. What are the "blue eye" convinced RMK at the last meeting in the Public chamber CHO.

All project documents submitted to the JSC Tominskiy Mining Arbitration court in the case № A76-5854/2018 showed no negative impact on Shershnevskoe reservoir and the river Miass because of the lack of water from them.

As it became known that OVR lower Ob STB agreed the intake on the plot other in the area of Butakov. But RMK, videmo, need water cleaner and they swung at the site above Poletaevskiy water intake. And our obliging Ministers to historians, they were initialed."
From myself I will add: Chelyabinsk, in a dry year could easily be left without enough water. But officials provided water Tominskiy mine. Certainly disinterested, just kindness.

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