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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OUR WOMEN! Repost V. Moskovets #Stopgo

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With the most sincere wishes of health and happiness to all the children, congratulations mom on this holiday.


Looking into the kitchen in Slippers
So long waited to give
Your little gift to mother
Because today is a holiday.

Paper beautiful rose
So afraid that suddenly get crushed.
How do you want to please mommy
Every day and especially today.

I love you so, mom
I congratulate you with the feast
All you prettier and kinder
Because you're my mom ).

And in my dreams when I grow up
Imagine what will be strong
So as my father could protect you,
When I'm as he man.

I also try to learn,
To go to work good.
To you my dear mommy
To congratulate the best gifts.

And suddenly the boy hesitated on the word
And coughed as it was before
And smile at my mom disappeared
And she sat down with tears.

I want to see happy
Every day your pretty face
Today you congratulating me
But not all I did.

Cough day and sometimes nights
And in the morning so there are no forces to smile.
The doctors prescribed all do,
So son you got to sleep in.

But it is easier and does not become,
You forgive me, dear boy,
I'm probably not the best mother.
What we do not yet know.

Close as possible
Hugging my mom
This boy is seriously very
Reassured by her words.

Not and you here, dear mother,
This town is very dirty.
Constantly gray sky,
And the government it doesn't matter.

But I'm not the only one, mom.
A lot of kids
Suffering from allergies and asthma,
But ever we decide.

Even today, I still small,
But I know how my mother was crying
When the cough doesn't go
And when you can't sleep nights.

Don't cry, because today is your holiday!
And you're the best mom in the world.
And Chelyabinsk, I'll do better
When I grow up, I promise!

This boy, he is very strong
And he will fulfill what you need
But while it is very small
And now tell everybody who is the adult.

Today we can do much
Only is believe it
let the best happen sooner
Let the healthy will be all the kids!

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