Dear friends and colleagues

Stop Mining

Dear friends and colleagues!
The trouble came from not waiting. Published the draft resolution
Government revoke legal acts in the field of environmental
control subject to cancellation in the framework of the "regulatory guillotine"
Among these acts is the Provision on EIA.
I think no need to explain where it leads.
The period of discussion - until 4 December.
We need everybody to write comments and to demand the deletion of the Provision on
The EIA on this list.
You should write to the employee of the MNR, which leads to this question:
Meyer, Margaret A.

In the text it is necessary to require the removal from the text of the draft List cancelled
acts of Federal Executive bodies item 38 - Order
State Committee of Russian Federation for environmental protection
environment from 16.05.2000 № 372 "About the statement of Regulations about the evaluation
the impact of proposed economic and other activities on the surrounding
the environment in the Russian Federation ("Rossiyskaya Gazeta", № 170, 01.09.2000).

It is necessary to insist on a written response about your proposal.

Possible arguments:
cancel the specified order:
- violates the constitutional right of citizens to favorable environment
environment and reliable information about its condition,

- dramatically reduces the ability of citizens to participate in making environmentally
important decisions

- deprives citizens of information about the nature and extent of the impact on
the environment of the proposed activity;

- impairs ability to prevent the adverse effects
the proposed activity on the environment and related
these social, economic and other consequences.

The draft resolution called:
On invalidation of normative legal acts and individual
provisions of regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, containing
mandatory requirements, compliance with which is assessed when conducting
control measures in the implementation of all types of Federal
the state control (supervision) in the field of environmental management and
the protection of the environment.

Stop Mining