A. A. Telefon: "Colleagues, on the background of apathy and indifference of many citizens of our country, the government has decided to strengthen the struggle with people. It (the government) plans to cancel the public discussion of all projects that have a negative impact on the environment. The corresponding document (order of the state Committee for environmental protection No. 372) just want to deleted from Russian legislation.

Thus, it will not remain democratic mechanism to influence the adoption of important decisions of the population. Moreover, Russia does not participate in the relevant international agreements (conventions: the European economic Commission of UN on the assessment of the environmental impact in a transboundary context, signed at Espoo on 25 February 1991; economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice on issues relating to the environment, signed in Orhouse 25 June 1998).
We can influence this process, because officially the Government's decision is still pending (published only a draft).

At the present stage to save one of the last documents of the state (in 2000 this body was disbanded quickly) is extremely important.
Thank you Greenpeace for step by step instructions"


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