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V. Moskovets

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Why Russians are not proud of their Constitution*?

Not proud of and don't know. Because it doesn't work!
Like for example, article 42, which enshrines the right of everyone to a favourable environment, to reliable information about its condition and to compensation for damage caused to his health or property by ecological violations. Or article to article 58 of the basic Law stipulating the duty to preserve nature and the environment, carefully treat the natural resources.
The tragedy of the Northern rivers of the Urals and the construction of the Tominsk GOK, aggravating the already tense environmental situation in the region, is a clear proof.
The current Constitution of Russia has shown its inability to protect democratic system in the country and the unsuitability for the protection spelled out in the rights and freedoms of the individual. And a pedantic return to its norms will not solve all problems because many of its norms for a long time distorted and rewritten. On the right of citizens to be elected and to freely elect held legislative innovations on administrative barrier. Officials are also easily bypassed, and article 31, guaranteeing the right of citizens to assemble peacefully and without arms.
It turns out, articles of the Constitution by the legislators and bureaucracy can be reinterpreted in any way? But what, then, is this fundamental law?! Not does it follow that the citizens have time to think about a new Constitution, and this document should take into account the sad experience of the application of the fundamental law.
Each rule, written in it, should be critically considered in the light of its perversion or profanation. Any provision of the Constitution should be considered from the point of view of possible abuses in its application — then the Constitution will be respected and valued citizens.

* State holiday "Day of the Constitution of the Russian Federation" is celebrated in our country on 12 December. On this day in a referendum in 1993 was adopted by the Russian Constitution.

The site Rus info. Student Olga Misik reads the Constitution of the Russian Riot police.