The official press release of greenpeace

Stop Mining

The official press release of Greenpeace

Stop Mining

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Chelyabinsk unexpectedly reported inability to carry out at its premises on December 14 scientific-practical conference "Water problems of the southern Urals due to accidents in the engineering communications".

Information on cancellation of the contract was issued on 13 December at 18:30. The event was organized by NGO "Environmental consulting" and the "Green city" in cooperation with the Russian branch of Greenpeace and WWF Russia.

Despite these technical difficulties, the conference was held. Problems with water resources in the southern Urals are among the most complex in the country. Shershnevskoe reservoir (actually the only source of drinking water of Chelyabinsk agglomeration) is already "polluted" (UCISV of 2.94). Recently quite often observed falling into the water reservoir of petroleum products.

With 70-ies gradually decreasing the water content of the rivers Belaya and Ufa. In extremely dry years, the proportion of samples of drinking water from centralized sources in Ufa, which do not correspond to sanitary-hygienic norms, increased to 13-17 %.

Special attention was paid to the construction of the Tominsk GOK and its potential negative impact on water in the region. Operation Tominsk GOK will lead to serious pollution of sources of drinking water of Chelyabinsk and the surrounding area, including Shershnevskoe reservoir.