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Good morning!
Place the collection of scientific articles "the Water problems of the southern Urals", which contained performances of the participants of the conference.
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If someone needed the paper version - there is not much collections ask.

PS, we at the conference were law enforcement officials, who came to us at the call of the soul, guarded us and saved. Please give him thanks on our behalf. Thanks Kirill!!!

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Held a scientific-practical conference "Water problems of the southern Urals", organized by regional public organization "Environmental consulting" environmental movement "Green city" in cooperation with the Russian branches of Greenpeace and WWF (WWF - Russia). The conference was scheduled to be held at the hotel Radisson Blu (Chelyabinsk). However, the hotel associated with the world famous Radisson chain (which in most of the countries and cities considered to be very reliable) in Chelyabinsk were unable to provide the room according to the hotel, Friday was a serious accident communications that the hotel was unable to provide any facilities for conferences and the corresponding commercial entity sent a notice of cancellation of the contract only 18:3 when the work day was over. Interestingly, some participants directly linked the refusal with the fact that the conference among other things was planned to discuss issues associated with Tominsky mine.

Despite these technical difficulties, the conference was held, it was discussed the problems of water resources of the southern Urals. This region is one of the most complex in the country. So, Shershnevskoe reservoir (actually the only source of drinking water of Chelyabinsk agglomeration) is already "polluted" (UCISV - 2,94). Falling into the water reservoir of petroleum products in recent years began to occur quite often. At the same time it was noted that the 70-ies of the last century gradually reduced the water content of the rivers Belaya and Ufa. In extremely dry years, the proportion of samples of drinking water from centralized sources in Ufa, not corresponding to hygienic standards has increased to 13-17 %.

Special attention was paid to the construction of the Tominsk GOK and its potential negative impact on water in the region. For example, speakers noted that the operation of the Tominsk GOK will lead to serious pollution of sources of drinking water of Chelyabinsk and the surrounding area, including Shershnevskoe reservoir. Especially it was emphasized that the materials provided in connection with this construction, insufficient for an objective assessment and the construction itself will only exacerbate (or even cause it to crash), the problems of contamination and deficiency of water in the Chelyabinsk region.
It should be noted that all the speakers offered solutions to the problems raised. All existing problems can be solved – but it can be done on the basis of scientific studies, expert assessments, discussions, and adherence to common sense. And the possibility of additional environmental load on water bodies in the region is simply absent.