2019 the outgoing year was difficult (and we did not have the easiest of times):

1. The year was coming under increasing persecution of activists (attraction to administrative responsibility of five people (only one court has ceased production); the attempted prosecution of G. M. Gorina and Boris Zolotarevsky (well, both cases stopped all well in the end for lack of corpus delicti, thanks again our protector A. G. Lepekhina)), threats against V. D. Savchenko, vehicle damage L. Chigaevoy).
But, in General, still all alive, healthy and free, this is important!

2. Another factor: the change of the Governor, virtually the entire regional government, the administration of Chelyabinsk. What is the result - view, although the forecast is not encouraging, the disregard for people's opinions will only increase, apparently. This wanton and ruthless felling of trees in Chelyabinsk, another decrease in the area of Chelyabinsk (city) Bor, and yesterday's news about her second attempt to "organize" mine in Miass-proof!

3. Elections. We were the first in this scale took part in election campaigns (municipal elections went 6 players STOP Mining, the honor and praise for your efforts, courage and bravery!), two of the competition for the position of Head of Chelyabinsk.
Our slogan is "For GOK!" sounded once more throughout the city and people still support, we were convinced of it personally!
But 2020 will be even more difficult: the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region, the district Assembly of deputies of Sosnovsky, Korkino areas in the Kopeisk city Council. You need to prepare, though, and waiting scenario is evident (non-admission of candidates, refusal of registration, prisons and so on., in General, all as in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2019). And all are to participate, to give up is impossible.

4. The South Urals, Chelyabinsk for us, still! In August the arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region appointed an examination on the claim for prohibition of the Tominsk GOK. Concerted efforts collected 900 000 (nine hundred thousand!) rubles for two weeks! Find out in the new year experts, but now it is obvious that people are not inferior! And not far behind! Trials are continuing, we wish our lawyers are leading these things, good health, nerves, Victory! Apparently, the key to solving the problem Tominsk GOK in the water, you also need to pay more attention to this point, the residents of Ufa and Yekaterinburg are here to help us). Perhaps it's time to raise the issue before the Federal center on the nationalization of the Tominsk GOK.

5. Our country has confidently entered the zone of instability, the time is now very difficult. More and more people will join the fight for their rights, to hold power will protect their "lucrative positions" desperately and tougher (and still will Win people!). Preparing for worst case scenarios and hope for the best acting in the name of the future!

And again: happy New year! All the best!


Stop Mining