[id168068152|Elena] Vakhtin, [id225688750|Irina] and Gladyshev [id24725731|Andrei] Kostenko filed a notice to hold a March of citizens on 19 January 2020.

[id24725731|Andrei] Kostenko: "I want everyone to have a clear idea about what our campaign is not against a new surgical center for CDCB. Of course, not against children. Not against the development of medicine and the entire Chelyabinsk.

Our action FOR!

-FOR kids! We dream of Chelyabinsk with a great future, and without children it is impossible.

FOR progressive medicine! We want to see in another 5 years, the development of the regional hospital again ran into a shortage of land for new and modern housing and offices. Perhaps we now have a unique chance to build a new CTKB in a more advanced place.

FOR Bor! There are not many cities that can boast of a real forest in the city centre. Who was saved by our ancestors in the Great Patriotic war, and which is very important for the health of us and our children.

FOR perspective Chelyabinsk! Chelyabinsk fit for life! Chelyabinsk, where I want to stay!

IN Chelyabinsk WITHOUT Goku!"