"Activatica" reports: "in Ufa has passed picket against voodood of Dolgobrodskaja reservoir, which plans to carry Russian copper company for production needs Tominsk GOK, activists of the "STOP mining".
Dolgobrodskay reservoir is on the river Ufa, from which the water supply not only in Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk, but also the capital of Bashkortostan. The cascade of reservoirs enables water intake as to ensure both the needs of urban residents and industrial enterprises. In November 2019, it became known that the Ministry of industry of the Chelyabinsk region issued Tominskogo Goku permission to use the river Miass.

Activists from Chelyabinsk say that the project Tominsk GOK received the conclusion of state environmental review only if the water supply enterprises due to the drainage water of Korkinsky coal cut, treated wastewater of the city of Korkino discharged into the river Chumlyak, treated wastewater of the village of Novosineglazovo discharged into Sineglazovo lake. The stated need was $ 8.2 million cubic meters per year. Instead, officials issued a permit for the Miass river, located near the site where the planned mine. And, according to activists, the volume of water abstraction for mining and beneficiation plant can be up to 40 million cubic meters per year.
To make the Miass river flowing RMK started the construction of Dolgobrodskaja channel from the same reservoir on the Ufa river to the Miass river.
In the EIA it was stated that resources in the basin of the river Miass is completely exhausted. Activists believe that Chelyabinsk and Ufa in a dry year can easily be left without enough water. In addition, the activity of the future enterprise can lead to a shortage of usable drinking water sources.
"Supply of additional water quantities for the needs of the city will become impossible in the contamination and possible dehydration Shershenevsky water storage in the course of the project Tominsk GOK that takes 1.5 million people only, no alternative water source, underground water will be contaminated and some will leave in the dirty water! "- from the report of the Director of South-Ural research and design Institute of water conservancy Raisa Kuznetsova."


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