Stop Mining


The idea of Dmitry Zakalyukina, a member of the coordinating Council under the Governor of Chelyabinsk region on environmental issues, deserves attention. And participation:)

V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

#Of incinerate

Today "Old New year", it means that tomorrow people will start to massively get rid of Christmas trees.

In Chelyabinsk and Kopeysk now it can be done environmentally friendly and even useful.

January 14, With the support of the Administration and with the assistance of partners, we are opening more than 30 points of acceptance of Christmas trees!
For those who have these dots will be uncomfortable will help the Taxi - service for the delivery of waste for recycling

After harvest the trees are crushed into chips and recycled as compost, bedding for animals in shelters or dumping mulch lawns and flower beds.

It is important that in this approach:
trees do not get to the dump and not cause it fires
- wood gets a second life and benefit the city
- formed the ecological culture of the population

Rules for the preparation: the branches and the trunk should be cleaned of tinsel and other contaminants

In carrying out the Action help us:
Flower greenhouse “Nerd” - provides equipment for chopping trees

"Black Star Burger" - help to organize a collection point for Christmas trees

Souvenir company "INPRO" prints eco-friendly promotional materials

Address map and order form of Taxi here:

It looks like the recycling process:

14, 18 and 19 January from 11 to 20 hours bring your Christmas tree and tell your friends!