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V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

We built, built, and finally built! Built a very fragile bridge between civil society and the government of the city.

Following yesterday's meeting of the mayor of Chelyabinsk Natalia Kotova with me, and Whtiney Elena and Andrey Kostenko, several decisions were made:

1⃣ create a working group to search for alternative placement sites for the construction of the honey. center is the urban forest and to hold its first meeting next week;

2⃣ continue the work of the group on monitoring emissions, and rejection of the reagents with February;

3⃣ create a group on water of the city from the threat of Tohoku since mid-February;

4⃣ instead of the March of citizens to hold 25.01 agreed picket at the site in the square to them. St. Andrew's, where our invitation will arrive the mayor of N. Kotova.

I'm sure that with these initiatives we can and should work. For the first time the government opened the door for interaction with civil society. In the city there are too many problems to afford to squander such opportunities: emissions, reagents, Tohok, Hornets, forest, roads, public transport, incompetent teacher, etc. etc.

In any case, you cannot take the position of an ostrich. You can find hundreds of reasons to stick your head in the sand and enjoy the peace and quiet. Exactly as long as your mouth-watering sirloin will not attract some hungry predators. And then all borzhom to drink already late.

Silence gives consent. Come yourself, bring friends and acquaintances. Let each ask his own question to the mayor either in oral form or in the form of a written request.

But most importantly - come. The number of residents at the meeting directly affects the efficiency of all subsequent work. If many of us, our voice is louder. And to ignore it more and more difficult.

✔Choking on smog?

✔Tired of yellow water from the tap?

✔Knead the mess on city roads - definitely not your calling?

Then we wait for you and the mayor of our city on January 25 in the square to them. The St. Andrews. Come, will be hot!

And be with us when the great power of the Trinity: a repost, a like, and comment!

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