EURONEWS report: "
Three o'clock in the Bulgarian town of Pernik, located 20 kilometers from the capital. Pupils of the kindergarten "Kalina Malina" Wake up after a day, at the same time, the city starts the water flow, which according to schedule should be available within the next seven hours.

Water crisis in Pernik with each passing month increases.

Director of kindergarten Kalina Malina says:
"For drinking and preparing baby food we get mineral water. For cleaning and washing, we collect water in Jerry cans, the flow starts in three hours of the day. We all wash and wash, and then stocked up on water for the next day."
Today, the water came in the tap an hour later, and it is not uncommon. The water supply in the city reservoir is depleted.
From Pernik reports Euronews correspondent Damian Vodenitcharov: "Water is not much, of the 20 million cubic meters — only three, but this amount would be enough if the loss was not as significant."

65% of water is lost from leaks in outdated pipes. Since November, the water consumption standards have tightened, according to preliminary estimates, this situation will continue at least until April. Osnovna the cause of the problem is that the water meant for the city, consume the enterprise. And in the center of the scandal — former environment Minister NENO Dimov, who, according to the Prosecutor, abused the official position, allowing the plants to use water from the city reservoir.
The mayor of Pernik, Stanislav Vladimirov says: "the Tank can not supply water to industry. Priority is to first provide water to the population. We can't give clean drinking water plants. Such large industrial enterprises can do to drill wells and find long-term alternative sources of water."
The biggest steel mill in a village not responded to the request of the Euronews TV channel for an interview. The unions warn that without water 1500 employees will not be able to go to work. Meanwhile, the city's water supply is planned to be restored by capital's infrastructure, and the ex-Minister is under arrest awaiting trial."
We are a few years say that if you run the Tominsk GOK Chelyabinsk millions could be left without water. Officials with perseverance worthy of a better cause, ignore our appeals.
On 25 January to say our opinion about this again. And let it not be said then that you were not aware and did not know what they do.

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