Stop Mining

IT IS IMPORTANT THE PARTICIPATION OF EVERYONE! Act! The printed sheets collect the signatures of relatives, neighbors, at work and sit in any convenient spot. It's simple. And it is important! Repost V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

We continue collecting signatures under the Resolution of Akoshta 25 Jan

At the event, volunteers managed to collect more than 400 signatures in support of the requirements. Unfortunately, not all were able to come to Acoshed, where they discussed issues: Chelyabinsk urban forest, green space in the city, clean water, clean air, the abolition of the use of reagents, the suspension of work on Tamanskom GOK prior to the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal, the closure of the landfill in Poletayevo, returning citizens direct election of the mayor etc. So we ask you to help spread the Resolution and collection of signatures. Deadline: two weeks.

You can print out the forms and collect signatures of your loved ones, friends, neighbors and colleagues. And then to bring them in:
+ [club97990376|let's Do it! Ekoloft] (Khudyakov str., 11, basement, next to the entrance of the store, "Seeds");
+ Staff [club172312012|party "Apple"] (PR-t Lenina, 21B, of. 707);
+ Store "[club82013422|Vesevolod]" (PR-t Lenina, 21B, basement, the room store "Prazdnik!");
+ [club56308476|STOP GOK] — [id90494076|Vasily Moskovets]

You can also create your fixed point for collection of signatures. Email [id29920194|Tatiana Izmodenova]. We will provide you the signature sheets and copies of the Resolution.

We understand that the heart of Chelyabinsk filled with fatigue and disbelief of what is happening. Every day our city is going according to script: "it Was bad, would become worse". And has almost no person who have relatives and friends moved to the "better life", away from Chelyabinsk. Perhaps you mentally sit on their suitcases and rehearse their role at the airport "Igor", who turns out the light. After all, we are also convinced that the residents of the city, as an important participant in the dialogue with the government, does not exist, that our word is silence and there was no point in wasting your energy, time and resources. Better to go where everything is already okay or tolerable, but normally where you last had someone stood, decided, made, and therefore, in the new place comfortably as the picture. We stayed there only be.

And yet, while we are here, let us once more remind the leadership of the Chelyabinsk region that we live, exist and we disagree on our part suffers. Left to collect signatures. And let all the skeptics will do push-UPS. The city belongs to the people.

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