The end of akoshta 25 Jan 2020.

Friends, we need to collect signatures under a resolution of akoshta: as you know, Ecohome 25 Jan collected more than 400 signatures in support of the requirements of the resolution.
But, unfortunately, not all were able to come to Acoshed, where they discussed issues of preserving the Chelyabinsk urban forest, green space in the city, clean water, clean air, the abolition of the use of reagents, the suspension of work on Tamanskom GOK prior to the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal, the closure of the landfill in Poletayevo, returning citizens direct election of the mayor etc.
So we ask you to help spread the resolution and collection of signatures.
Everyone can print out petitions to collect signatures of relatives, neighbors, work and deliver in any point:
+ Let's do it! Ekoloft (Khudyakov str., 11, basement, next to the entrance of the store, "Seeds");
+ The headquarters of the party "Yabloko" (PR-t Lenina, 21B, of. 707);
+ Shop "Videoram" (PR-t Lenina, 21B, basement, the room store "Prazdnik!");
+ STOP - GOK — Vasily Moskovets

Thanks for the video, Vladimir Gaidadin