"FederalPress" reports: "the Ministry of environment of the Chelyabinsk region has commenced work on the project of cleaning Shershenevsky water storage and the Miass river in the Central part of Chelyabinsk. The reason was the results of the study of these reservoirs. Received data cause a shock from the experts: the thickness of bottom sediments in the main drinking water source of cities in some places reaches 3.8 meters. To bring the population taking to the water to gostovskaya norms in such conditions becomes increasingly difficult. In the Ministry of environment are sure to trouble will not come. "FederalPress" was apprised of the situation.
The study of shores and bottom Shershenevsky water storage and the site of the Miass river from pond to pond Communards ChGRES held the Western-Ural Institute of water and ecological problems (Perm). Work lasted several months. The results have been submitted to the government late last year.
Revision "FederalPress" has managed to extract from these materials. In them the characteristic of bottom sediments, provides the chemical composition of water and a list of violations of water protection zone. So, the document says that the main water pollution in the Hornets is due to the oil, the ammonium-ion (this substance accumulates in water when dissolved in water of ammonia) and nitrite, are known for their toxic effects on the human body. On the river Miass in the number of pollutants added zinc, manganese and copper.
In the materials noted littered the banks and disturbance of riparian zone. On the Hornets was discovered 30 illegal dumps, on the river Miass (note, we are talking only about the plot in the center of the city) – 54 landfill and 29 places from discharge of stormwater and wastewater. All this information is transferred to the environmental Prosecutor's office of the region.
They also found that in the river Miass thickness of bottom sediments in the surveyed area ranges from 1.6 to 2.3 meters. At the Shershnevskoye reservoir the amount of sludge on the bottom near the dam does not exceed one meter, in the upper reaches 1.6 meters, and near the village of Sosnovka reaches 3.8 meters. The Ministry noted that there are facilities MUP "POVV", which deals with water abstraction, purification and supply drinking water to residents of Chelyabinsk."
Full article at the link https://fedpress.ru/article/2187673
The results of ofshornykh permission for water abstraction from the river Miass above Shershenevsky water storage in these conditions is the real crime against Chelyabinsk, the city and our state as a whole.


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