12 FEB 9

Stop Mining


Galina Gorina:

"The appeal court was not there, and the money from the pension in favour of the Prosecutor's office of the Kalinin ALREADY kidnapped and % !!!
(Less than a month had passed since the officers had sent notification!)

Do not wait! We somehow survive... EVERYTHING.

BUT... until we all suffer then? While heaps to die won't start!?
Along with children and the elderly the same security services ... based on the handouts..,- podustali of all life and intelligent.
For in VAIN they hope.. that a very DIFFERENT water and air will be to give them or with a pick..!
Served and don't need dogs thrown over the fences, and in the comfortable planes don't take... Leave on the ground that they are not protected, and only the bones gnawed."

In connection with this survey.
We are a social movement Stopcock will pay all fines that will be wrongfully imposed on the members of the movement for their actions in protecting the environment of the city?

Our assistance in the payment of fines is not only financial support of our supporters, not only an indicator of our careful attitude to him, but also a signal of power that no one can intimidate us or cause us to stop fighting. NO one!!! Neither the courts nor the prosecution nor esnike with the police.
Each road must have a sense of security, leaving on a single or a mass picket. And the more such protection should feel the organizers of mass actions.
To date, the total we paid a penalty Clause Damask.
In addition to his fines were imposed on E. Fine, E. Samohvalov, V. Veselovsky, I. Poletavkin, A. Gnevasheva.
Now without waiting for the final solution, removed from the City of Gorina.

The voice of the people is the voice of God. What is Your opinion?

PS Be careful, the voting time limit.
Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining