RIA "NEW DAY" reports: "In Chelyabinsk demand to convene an emergency meeting of the coordination Council at the Governor on environmental issues.

As already informed "New Day", the Council was created at the end of July 2019, was led by the Chairman of the Russian ecological society Rashid Ismailov.

Scatolificiolo was concern that the newly created structure will repeat the fate of predecessor: 5 years ago, in 2014, Boris Dubrovsky was already convened by the Environmental Council, which I was going two times: before the election of the Governor and immediately after the election. And since then, no one remembered.

But this time was going to work ambitious: they promised to involve the experts of international, Russian and regional levels and representatives of Moscow state University, Russian Academy of Sciences, Sberbank, analytical center under the government of the Russian Federation, all-Russian society of nature protection national environmental societies, Russian Railways, representatives of industrial enterprises. Tasks were also set ambitious: the formation of a new environmental policy, conduct of public examination of projects, organization of public hearings, the support of environmental groups, informing the population about the environmental situation.

It was announced that proposals for the work of the coordinating Council will be made within two weeks. And that all was quiet. Before the election the Council was no longer going, although we've always talked about it.
In December, during a protracted NMU public men demanded to convene an emergency meeting of the coordination Council and discuss the situation. But their appeal remained unanswered.

And now a new requirement:

"Being a member of the coordinating Council under the Governor of Chelyabinsk region on environmental issues in connection with current situation the incessant smog, consider it necessary to convene an emergency session of the coordinating Council, said the public activist Vasily Moskovets in the appeal to the Chairman of the Board of Rashid Ismailov. – I believe that in the presence of the Governor officials of relevant ministries and agencies, local authorities of Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk and Korkino district, and also heads of industrial enterprises should submit full, comprehensive and accurate information about the execution of the decision of the Governor of Chelyabinsk region No. 343 taken specific measures to reduce emissions, minimise harm to the health of the South Urals as a result of current levels of air pollution.

His willingness also to submit concrete proposals".

Recall, February 11 at the territory of Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust, Perm, Karabash established conditions conducive to the accumulation of pollutants in ground layers of atmosphere.

At the moment, in Chelyabinsk, according to the public monitoring, amount of sediment exceeds the MCL in almost all areas of the city."


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