Stop Mining


A remarkable result of the United action of many citizens to defend our Bor!
It now remains to achieve the demolition of all illegally constructed buildings in the territory of Boron

V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

Remember the story of the public hearings, which "listened" already built the gas pipeline to the restaurant Saffron?!

Remember - these hearings was the loud Roman Nikitin, where he was handed over to the Department of Architecture of the City a bag of crackers.
Well, your humble servant "quietly" read the address to the Prosecutor of the region.
The response from the Prosecutor's office however has not yet arrived, but the site Admin.the city has published the "results" Publ.hearings, which speak for themselves!
And very impressed with the fact that the response of Architecture in my address sounded, apart from the fact that the resolution they were given, the following - "between Novacom and Saffron no contract for the supply of gas"! Carl, do you understand?! The architecture ran to Novatech and pointeresuetes this fact! Miracles are happening live!

From TG Andrey Kostenko "Personal opinion":

"to reject in connection with the legalization of illegally built"
I don't want to get ahead of the victorious reports, but in Chelyabinsk, clearly there is something very important. Triggered mechanisms, which certainly will affect our lives in the future. Will affect decision-making.
My feeling is that the time when the Chelyabinsk could be described as a stagnant swamp, a thing of the past. Increasingly, we see the results of the actions of civil society. Cabal to push harder and harder. People are increasingly interested in processes of public life, sticking your nose and force the authorities to reckon with their opinion.
The pipeline is in the restaurant "Saffron" just legalize will not work.

https://cheladmin.ru/ru/30012020-zaklyuchenie-o-rezultatah-publichnyh [id230926906|novel] [id225688750|Irina] [id90494076|Basil] [id5419715|Irina] [id198130427|Jaroslav] [id101923209|Alexander] [id168943388|Alexander] [id145094493|Valeria] [id333525233|Vladimir] [id6743319|Alexander] [id526553746|Tatiana]