[id232591887|Activatica] tell: "Today, the residents of Krasnoyarsk went to the rally for environmental improvements, reported by "MK Krasnoyarsk." In square of Cosmonauts was about 400 citizens. They demanded the resignation of Governor Alexander USS. The protesters chanted: "We want a clean sky!" and "We are for gasification!". Some of the protesters were in respirators.

Krasnoyarsk residents oppose industrial pollution and regular mode "black sky". Once again krasonyarsk proposed to close the vents on February 17, announcing unfavorable meteorological conditions (NMU), the first degree of danger. Mode "black sky" is a meteorological conditions unfavorable for the dispersion of contaminants in ambient air. In the days of NMU polluting substances accumulate in the surface layer of the atmosphere, covering the city in thick smog. No scientific mystery in this phenomenon there: in the city there are huge enterprises including Russia's largest aluminium smelter RUSAL-Krasnoyarsk, as well as three coal-fired power plants. Together they account for nearly 70% of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere of the city. Krasnoyarsk residents hold regular demonstrations against "black sky".
All the major companies during the NMU must reduce emissions of harmful substances from production in the atmosphere. However, reports on the commencement of such activities, according to media reports, entered the Ministry only from 56 organizations. 60 regional and two Federal entities operating on the territory of the city, not reported. They will be brought to administrative responsibility.

It should be noted that ecoprotect the residents of Krasnoyarsk in the end of February supported Environmental activist Greta Thunberg. She shared in his Twitter with 4 million followers a photo of pickets in Krasnoyarsk for a clear sky.

Participants of meeting have accepted the resolution in which has demanded from the authorities to take immediate emergency measures to prevent the environmental disaster in Krasnoyarsk."
Me preparing for March 15, so stay tuned

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