ZNAK.COM reports: "In the Chelyabinsk region have legislated separate collection of waste

In the Chelyabinsk region adopted a law that determines the necessity of separate waste collection in the case that at the sites of waste collection established the appropriate containers. As reported in the government area, it is Russia's first regional law concerning the separation of waste collection.

"Improving the environmental situation in the region is a multifactorial process. We conclude the quadripartite agreement on the reduction of emissions with industry, develop a regional environmental standard. But the well-being in the sphere of ecology does not only depend on it. Municipal waste also require careful attention. Chelyabinsk oblast needs to use advanced technologies in this issue," said Teksler.
According to the Ministry of ecology of the Chelyabinsk region, the pilot cities that have already implemented the separate waste collection system, steel Kopeysk and Yuzhnouralsk. There will be sophisticated logistics, costs, incentive mechanisms and other factors for the transition of the entire region for the separate collection of waste. On garbage sites set containers two colors: red for inorganic waste and green for mixed.

Now South Ural residents are required to maintain a separate collection of waste in case their container platforms mounted colored containers.
Regional operator delivers waste mandatory for sorting, after which some recycled is sent for recycling.

In Chelyabinsk, the owners of containers for the separate collection of MSW has promised to improve their treatment

"Kopeysk already fully equipped with new containers there organized separate waste collection. Yuzhnouralsk has about 70 percent of the required number of containers. In the past year, allocated from the regional budget funds, the municipality has purchased 417 containers of different colors. At the same time, work began on reconstruction of container. At the expense of city Treasury have already upgraded 60 of the 95 storage locations of municipal solid waste, more than 290 new containers. The remaining 35 sites will lead to the standard this year", — reported in the Ministry of the environment.

Half of the accumulated recyclable waste is plastic, and most actively in the separate collection of waste involving the residents whose yards before it was set to "grid" for its collection.
Earlier, resperator waste management in Chelyabinsk said that will be removed from the container yards of mesh bins for separate waste collection, as they are no exports."


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