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On Monday 16 March from 17:30 to 18:30 shop around a Magnet, 250 years of Chelyabinsk, 12, there will be a mass picket. Measure being in jail for a man, women, whose guilt is unproven, which is not seset danger to others is unacceptable!

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Stop Mining

Friends! Like-minded people! Colleagues! Voters!

Happened an unprecedented situation in [club78707093|our Deputy - Ales Subbotin] came political order!

Goal: to eliminate INDEPENDENT POLICY from the political process, or to "break" her psychologically.

Only this factor can explain the unprecedented cruelty and cynicism of the choice of such measure of restraint as arrest!!!

Your MP - Ales Subbotina need help!!!

This is the same Ales Subbotina, who spent more than 365 pickets against the construction of the GOK participated in the Environmental Watch: "talk to me" has helped hundreds of people!

And today, she needs your help. She was put under arrest, put to "break", without any legal basis!

The former head of the city, stole 340 million of our utility bills - punished by a fine of forty thousand!

The former head of the region, put in their pockets 20 billion, all alive and well in Switzerland!

A "closed" Ales Subbotin to continue to "cut the budget" and that no one could ask them for it!

16 March, 17:30 - near the "Magnet" (on the street 250 years of Chelyabinsk, 12) will be a PICKET in support of Alesya Subbotina, this is our protest against lawlessness and against theft!

Each today whether snickering officials in any way to respect our rights, hear our opinion!!!

If you don't come - nothing will change!

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