"The residents of the Chelyabinsk region invited to take part in the creative battle this spring: the movement of the ECA and the project "Plant a forest" divide 200 thousand roubles to be distributed among the winners of the national competition of the organizers of the spring planting of trees.

The competition aims to support volunteers and activists of the country in their important work on remediation of areas affected by forest fires, freezing rain, pests or other disasters.
The competition has already started. To apply for participation by may 31. Under competition conditions, fall planting is done from March 23 to may 31. The winners will be announced June 18.

Prizes will be awarded for six of the best landings:

1st place — 50 thousand rubles;

2nd place — 40 thousand rubles;

3rd place — 35 thousand roubles;

4th place — 30 thousand rubles;

5th place — 25 thousand rubles;

6th place — 20 thousand rubles.

Candidate members need to get acquainted with the rules of competition, to announce the campaign in your account on the website and then fill the report in accordance with the rules of the contest.

— The organizers of the volunteer planting is always caring and active people, — said the head of the project "Plant a forest" Mariana Munteanu. — They infect you with their enthusiasm with colleagues and friends. For such an important common cause, looking at them, growing more and more Russians. Together we have done a lot already, but more needs to be done. According to Rosstat, in Russia from fire annually kills about 3 million hectares of forest, and we encourage volunteers and organizers to participate in his recovery.

In four years thanks to the project "Plant a Forest" and the support of its users in 20 regions of Russia planted more than 480 thousand trees. View reports of landings on the site The project has built a following ECA, which is engaged in the rehabilitation and conservation of forests since 2010 and during this time put in 47 regions of Russia more than 10 million trees."


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