УралПолит.Ru reports: "the Ministry of natural resources may allocate funds for the cleaning of Hornets, but the South Ural authorities have never approached him on this occasion. About it УралПолит.Ru according to the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation.+

"Until now, applications for the implementation of measures for the protection of Shershenevsky water storage didn't arrive", – reported in Department.

Thus in the Ministry noted that measures for protection of the Chelyabinsk reservoir should be carried out by the Ministry of property and natural resources of the Chelyabinsk region. They can also receive Federal funding to work on clearing the pond.

"The funding for clearing the water object can be allocated in the form of subventions to the Ministry, upon the presentation of supporting documents according to the Regulations of the Federal Agency of water resources", – said in the Ministry.

According to the response agencies, responsibilities for the protection of the reservoir is assigned to the Ministry of property and natural resources of the region according to the decree of the Russian government dated February 5, 2016. However, in the southern Urals in this pond has long been engaged in the Ministry of environment.
That is the Ministry stated in February about preparations for a regular monitoring of the status of Hornets, though exactly a year ago have been detailed studies of this reservoir. It was then discovered the presence of a large layer of bottom sediments, especially in the place of water intake for drinking water of Chelyabinsk. The Ministry of environment declared the need for remediation and that it would be prepared under the project.
In conversation with the correspondent УралПолит.Ru Deputy Minister of ecology Vitaly Bezrukov reported earlier that the project isn't done, but the Ministry of natural resources was directed to some applications.
Promptly receive a response in the government of the Chelyabinsk region failed in the local press service found it difficult to answer where exactly you need to forward your questions on Shershnevskoye reservoir: the Ministry of the environment, in property relations, or even in the Ministry of public security of the region."
In terms of the uncertainty of fate Shershenevsky water storage - the only uncontested source of drinking water of Chelyabinsk agglomeration, officials insolently emit huge volumes of water for production needs Tominsk GOK.
What about Chelyabinsk is that they will drink?

Alas, one of the government hold doesn't care.



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