Very nice article Inna Pankova (Arguments and facts): "of course, well-established antibrand our city – cutting of trees "in Chelyabinsk". As the biologists would say, more than 10 years there is deterioration in the quality of green spaces. One of the reasons is "deep of rejuvenating pruning." After it from wood remains or trunk without branches, or just the stump.

As explained by the Director of the Botanical gardens of the Chelyabinsk state University Vera Merker (and we are not just talking with her on the subject), such trimming only disfigures trunks:
"The wounds inflicted on the tree, never delayed. Quite often this barbaric procedure is accompanied by abirami crust to the base of the trunks. Trees not only get a vast, unhealed damage, but is immediately attacked by "hordes" of pathogenic pests-organisms that fairly quickly lead to plant death."

For many years we observed the same pattern: in the spring of crews with saws and axes, sawing, cut, cut, leaving is full of the ugly tree stumps. Then photos of the bare trunks and stumps fall in sisesti, and the townspeople begin to resent this barbarous trim.
Moreover, such practice is contrary to the normative document, instructions for creation and maintenance of green spaces in the city of Chelyabinsk, approved by Resolution of the mayor dated December 2, 2004. In p. ï to. the user says: "Pruning should be carried out, shortening them 1/2 - 3/4 length". But these "little things" didn't bother anyone.
How "professional" is this crop can be judged by the story of last year: then the contractors managed to cut even birch. A feature of birch is that this tree does not tolerate pruning, the branches she did not recover. But, as it was then written in the official response employees of the Department of the environment, "the legislation does not provide the participation of expert biologists in making decisions about the need for a deep rejuvenating pruning of trees."



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