Stop Mining


V. Moskovets

Stop Mining

Today we were lucky with Andrey Kostenko to assemble a team of specialists landshaftnomu and leaders of organizations involved in the supply and planting material (Apple and lime) on Lenin Ave.

Members: "Botanica Nursery" Tatyana Zhuravleva and Ilya Ustyuzhanin, "Gardens of Russia" Dmitry Voronkov, "the Lawns of the Urals" of Glagolev Alex.

The discussion was stormy and emotional, but eventually reached a common position!

In the form recorded the most important moments:

1. Urgent (yesterday) on the basis of a Working group under the Head of city collegiate body with the participation of specialists landshaftnomu and community members (deputies in the MT .h.) to develop requirements, work with the green areas of the city, starting from contract to duplex control Those.control under contract from the Administration and the societies.control.

2. Need to make udkh unpaid under the contract with SP Ryabov pruning "lip" on 20 million RUB, We are doing this already! In addition to Kotov NP three letters from different professional groups (including signatory - Director of Nerd.garden CSU Merker BB) with the requirement not to pay, prepare the inspection report of the result of execution of the contract with a copy to the Prosecutor!

3. Prepare the requirement of the mayor to contract for Those.control of performance of the contract for the landscaping has already been concluded udkh on the 122 million rubles to the firm of Peter.

4. Today sent an urgent request for Kotov NP to convene a Working group with the participation of the above entities.

Watch the video and enjoy your view!