Е1.Ru reports: ""Orthodox" "journalist" decided to send to the colony the guy who pushed him during protests in the square

Maxim Shibanov may be the only one who will get a real period after the "standing on the drama"
What happened?
In the yard — April 7, 2019. Citizens, who do not like the idea to build an Orthodox Church in place of the square in the city center, went to "hug" him. They joined hands and staged a dance. Action, despite claims by Pro-government journalists, was quite peaceful and looked more like festivities in honor of the first spring days.

In the Park then worked Maksim Rumyantsev, who calls himself "an Orthodox journalist". He immediately took a clear position, climbing into the center of the crowd, called the people possessed, not ready to dialogue, not reflecting reality. Favorite insult Rumyantsev somehow became the word "girl", as he called anyone who tried to argue with him. So he called and Shibanov, they started a dialogue.

— Can the camera to say, girl? — starting journalist Rumyantsev, approaching the stranger.

— What do you say? What "possessed"?
— Maybe you have a enuresis was, why you behave like that?
— I to you now will break a jaw if you insult me, — answers Shibanov.
— I break the jaw, break. For the word answer? Then Bay. And if you can't hit, then do not throw such words. All, girl, good — bye- done talking Rumyantsev.
Then Shibanov did not survive. On this point the testimony of the parties diverge — Shibanov claims that did not beat and did not want to beat the journalist.
it definitely was not beaten. I had no such purpose was provocation, which to me was most unpleasant. I took it as a strong insult. I pushed him away. I'm not aiming for the face, it was an open palm push, this is not exactly was a blow — says Shibanov.
The materials of the criminal case referred to the court, the Maxim Shibanov on criminal charges face up to three years of imprisonment. His lawyers insist that the injury he inflicted unintentionally, therefore, the case opened by the customer, may be high administrative. Moreover, according to the text of the indictment, "Shibanov on the grounds of a sudden the person and the aversions provoked a conflict with Rumyantsev". That is, the instigator of the conflict, according to investigators, was him."

Chelyabinsk such provocations are not surprising. Exactly the same provocation staged the notorious "Kirill" K. Orlov against Boris Zolotarevsky.
The court acquitted Boris.
I hope that in Yekaterinburg the court will make an objective and fair decision.


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