"I love the North, I would not want to leave here, but probably this is the fee for the truth that you hear now." Employee of Rosprirodnadzor in the Norilsk forced to hide from armed men after true video.

These words end of his video employee of Rosprirodnadzor in Norilsk, which told what really is happening there now. Ryabinin Vasily V., "Deputy head of the environmental Department at Norilsk" decided on a real career suicide: in the video at 40 minutes he says those things that all try to hide, namely:

16:31 - the authorities of Rosprirodnadzor has directed, "idle", which employees were sitting idle for two days, but already made samples of the pollution and sent it to the user for examination

17:58 - the security service of Norilsk Nickel, had secretly met with the hero of the video and asked, "what are we going to do," and he encouraged them to urgently look for the booms (at 20:40, refers)

19:39 - is unrealistic that the fuel had not reached the lake Pyasino.

25:30 - the instruction was to select a sample near the booms, but no further (i.e. not closer to the lake Pyasino). On doubts about the adequacy of such statement, the management said "Yes, everything is clear."

28:30 - stating that the lake Pyasino diesel fuel does not reach was done without inspections!

31:30 - when the hero of the movie told the authorities that we had to do all the checks, it simply removed

37:35 - "the fish in lake Pyasino we lost"

Now, after recording video, Vasily Ryabinin forced into hiding with his wife and children. Why? Yes, if only because when he as an employee of the environmental Department collected samples of water from the river and photographed, it drove the white Car with the armed men who were told to leave. And indeed the hero of the movie were not allowed, when he first arrived, even though Norilsk Nickel has denied refusing entry of Rosprirodnadzor.

An amazing story about how unpunished he feels the leadership of Norilsk Nickel. It's surprising that a public servant performing their duties, for the truth must flee with his wife and children by armed men unmarked.

We have ofservice, with the connivance of officials, with a persistence worthy of a better cause, to lead, or rather us, to the same accident.

Alas, the local staff of Rosprirodnadzor, the Rostekhnadzor, the construction Inspectorate , the Ministry of environment, prosecutors are silent. And then, when it's too late, will shoot the same video, trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for the disaster, which is now too late to prevent.


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