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Spill of diesel fuel - a drop in the ocean of environmental problems Norilsk earth. The same awaits our Miass, our Hornets...

"Cries about the damage to nature behind a couple of years at fifty. The water and soil of the tundra in Norilsk, which incorporates 21 thousand tons of the contents of the damaged tank, has long been ditched by tails of enrichment plants. These wastes are thousand times more harmful than diesel fuel. What about the spawning right now?! Fish there are no catches for decades. It smells like chemicals – eat a fish - and directly to the morgue.

- You want to say that the waters in Norilsk poisoned by toxic substances systematically and for a long time? How does it happen?

- Processing factory in the North - satellites metallurgical and mining companies, and they're not the first, as you know. We have a little delve into the technological aspect. How are the end products of metal? Under first mined underground ore – it's heavier than stone at times, it has 56 elements of the periodic table. To highlight the metals from the ore, it is crushed. Passing through the aggregators, the ore is converted in the faction - first to the size of a fist, then with gravel, then dust. The dust is placed in the flotation machine - thus the particles are rich in Nickel, is separated from particles rich in copper. Particles are divided, placing the pulp - mix it with water, add the reagent and allow air to pass through. Formed foam with bubbles. Particles containing Nickel, stick to the bubbles, and the copper settles. The process of metal extraction is finished. But daily remain tons of unnecessary factions that remain in liquids and discharged into the tailings pond. Workers of this very harmful chemical branch, by the way, retire in 45 years - on the first list of hazardous occupations. In the late 90's, when I left, there were two concentrator in the center of Norilsk and in 30 kilometers from her Talnakh. Now they can be more.

- These tailings and persistent problems. All the time with them is running out. Why?

- This is a common field fenced dams. They were never tight, they just are not conceived in the design. With the 70s part tails always gets in the Ob river and a huge glacial lake Pyasino (90 to 150 km). Water system of the Norilsk – the river. Upstream – crystal-clear ponds, lakes, beautiful environment. Down water and soil is poisoned already at the end of the 90 blockage was comprehensive and it was clear that something needs to be done.

- What prevents now to attend to the integrity of these sumps?

- It is impossible to make a tight pools with an area of several dozen square kilometers, growing year by year. Budget it's like that every year to build a new dam of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP."

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