"Business district-Chelyabinsk": "Public movement "STOP mining" addressed an open letter to the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Teksler, stating that "over the past year in the field of not done almost anything in terms of improving the environment".

As noted in the message, exactly a year ago in an interview the head of the region outlined as the main principle of "zero tolerance for companies that do not comply with environmental standards" and stated: "If we talk about Tamanskom GOK, the first and urgent business is to show Chelyabinsk what is happening there. Built or dug. What is Tominskiy mine, not in words, elementary as it looks. In the near future should be held in the broad sense of "open day". All of these perimeters, endless fences and exclusion zones only frightened and angered people. When we don't understand what there is on the other side — we are tense, we fear the unknown".

But, as noted public men, in the territory of the Tominsk GOK began filling the waterworks, who had not passed the state examination, waste processing plants, and operation of a slurry pipeline. Blasting at the quarry Tominsk GOK occur with violation of industrial safety standards, as evidenced by the decision of the Ural Department of Rostechnadzor on the involvement of SGT, OOO to administrative responsibility under part 1 article 9.1 of the administrative code. As a result of violations of industrial safety may be affected houses and buildings of the inhabitants of Sosnovsky and Korkinsky districts in the state "STOP mining".

Consideration in the arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region of the claim on the prohibition of the Tominsk GOK (case A76-5854/2018) occurs behind closed doors. "Public discussion of project of development of the tarutinsky Deposit RMK initiated in the midst of a new coronaviruses infections, may 15, ignoring the ban on holding any public events. It happened, obviously, so that as few people as possible could participate in the discussion of this project," — said the representative of the public movement Vasily Moskovets.

In addition, as remind the public, the head of the region stated that "South Ural need special environmental GOST, its own environmental standard. It is clear that you need serious collaboration and the unification of common powers." The first and only meeting of the coordination Council at the Governor on environmental issues, occurred in November 2019 "Published project "Ecological standard of the Chelyabinsk region", in fact, represents only the list of current normative legal acts in the field of environmental protection. Any new rules (especially binding, and does not have a recommendation), and specific higher (than current Federal) regulations the project is not proposed", — the statement reads.

To improve the environmental situation "STOP mining" proposes to conduct an unscheduled check of the interagency activities "Tominsk GOK" and "Parakultural" involving members of the public, including on the issues of the legality of the operation and safety of the water pipeline, processing plants, treatment plants, pumping station, pipeline, and other technological processes to prevent accidents and emergencies. As well as a sampling of bodies of state supervision in the observation wells and to publish the results in mass media for the purposes of comparison with background concentrations, 2013

In addition, social activists propose to initiate cancellation of definition of arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region on the proceedings on the prohibition of the Tominsk GOK (case A76-5854/2018) in closed judicial proceedings, providing opportunities to all interested citizens and the media to attend court hearings. And to suspend work on the construction and operation of the Tominsk GOK prior to the entry into force of the court decision on the dispute. In the list of proposals and cancellation of the decision on the permit "Tominskogo Goku" on the water intake for production needs of the Miass river above Shershenevsky vodohranilishe to complete the construction and commissioning of Dolgobrodskaja channel.

Public men demand to publish on the website of the government of the Chelyabinsk region the full texts of all agreements with industrial polluters of the environment, as well as programs of industrial enterprises to reduce emissions and waste."

Thanks to "Business quarter-Chelyabinsk" for citizenship and honest performance of professional duty.


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