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Alexander Kozhakin

Kopeysk in case of abnormal heat were actually out of the water!
This is not the first bell.

The city has long been without a normal water supply. The shortages of water, the villagers complain Dolgoderevenskogo.

Today lust swept Kopeysk.
The tragedy can come to Chelyabinsk!

But Teksler more important to provide clean water to RMK. Recent events clearly demonstrate his bias, the active promotion of toxic Tominsk GOK and willingness to sacrifice the interests of the people, for the oligarch.

While Teksler was lying, that the water will come through the channel of Dolgobrodskaja reservoir and in sufficient quantity. However, he fails to mention that the channel sometimes passes through swamps and destroyed, and water treatment technologies for drinking this swamp water with a huge content of organic matter and any rot THERE.

The journalist Artem Krasnov dedication was held in the anomalous heat in the track channel and convincingly with photos showed the willingness of dolgobrodskaja channel fake. In fact, it is a fiction, as they say - fake.

But mine is already eating clean water!

It turns out, mining, and ore processing technology copper concentrate need only clean water and mine it takes away from residents. And the inhabitants of the swamp and get away.

This is how you need to respect their own people?
I remember in Rome drew attention to the fact that there are residents and tourists drink water from city fountains. I tried clean and tasty. The leadership of the Italian capital cares about people.

Our residents are worthy of the water from the swamp?

If tackler not aware about the most important factor of life support of the 1.5 million residents of the Metropolitan area - it speaks to his weakness as a Manager. If he knows, but deliberately lying is meanness!

Many times at different levels mentioned. Chelyabinsk HAS NO BACKUP water SUPPLY SOURCE! Groundwater Shainskogo field as rightly pointed out by the independent expert, S. V. Knyazeva, can contact with toxic substances Tominsk GOK in huge numbers began to generate toxic waste.
So there we have underground mines?

Let me remind you that any enrichment enterprise, and especially one that is tuned to the extraction of ONE component (copper concentrate), sends waste 90-98% of the original raw materials. Tominskiy GOK extracts sheesh yeah a little copper, and of 98.2% is toxic waste dumps, able due to the presence of sulfur to form sulfates, poison and zakislate soil. The dumps are stored until around Tomino, amazing nature around. Soon "tails" will begin to pump water in Korkino quarry, but not the fact that winter is 13.8 km pumping will be successful. In Norilsk and shorter tore slurry pipelines and toxic sludge flooded the surrounding area.

There is another potential factor of pollution. About the color of the river near Norilsk, I was already in the article.

And other sources of water under the city and around in question - was repeatedly detected background radiation, as for example, some sources in Kremenkul.

To meet the Dolgobrodskaya water treatment facilities are not ready. It experts say.
Head of laboratory MUP "POVV" Valentine Aksenov said that "the club water will come to the Hornets, but it is, unfortunately, different quality. And we're cleaning this water is not quite ready. You want to pick up a new coagulants, flocculants. The water will come vysokovaty and treatment facilities not designed for it...

end quote

Journalist Elisha raises a substantive question:

"Recall that in late June, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexey Teksler solemnly announced about the launch of Dolgobrodskaja channel, designed to become an additional source of water for the Chelyabinsk agglomeration. However, as found by environmental activists and media representatives, in reality, 60% of the property was built in the days of the Soviet Union, that is, 30 years ago, and since that time pretty worn out. And pumping station designed to supply water to the canal, all at the same time. And over the past 30 years it actually worked.

Especially impressive is the statement of Mr. Teksler about the resolution of long-standing water problems of the Chelyabinsk agglomeration looks at the background of the actual drought in Kopeysk – one of the municipalities of the Metropolitan area.

end quote

So, dear indifferent Chelyabinsk, wait, when we will be in the City or in Kopeysk? Or do you still have hope that prancing on the tank Teksler will help you?

Channel Teksler: the city of Kopeysk were allowed to leave residents without water in case of abnormal heat

Repost Vera Savchenko

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