Stop Mining

Now the fun begins: nitpicking of the electoral Commission, attempts not to allow us to participate in the elections and the phenomenon of spoilers In Moskovets #Stopgo

Stop Mining


Thank you all for the support of the Yabloko party in the elections of legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region:

15 thousands of South Urals from Snezhinsk to delirium and from ASHI to October, who left his signature on the worksheet or public SERVICES;

our staff who collect, verify and no matter what believed the result.

It was a hot two weeks when we all together made it almost impossible - in a pandemic, restrictions and the permanently unemployed SERVICES has collected the required number of signatures and even more.

All of our labels are carefully stitched and handed over to the election Committee.

When we are together, we can do it all. We will win!