[id198130427|Jaroslav] Scherbakov said: "the results of the signature VERIFICATION

Yesterday the regional election Committee has given us the documents for the audit of our signatures in support of nomination of candidates from the YABLOKO party at elections to the legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region.

The percentage of the rejected signatures - 22%, exceeds the statutory limit (5%)
Expect party YABLOKO do not want to see in the legislative Assembly.
Just specify failure yet, we always come through no matter what. We will fight for each signature.

About the numbers:
For inspection at the Commission we passed 13 878 signatures of which 578 signatures are obtained through public SERVICES (this is the best result among all batches) 13 300 in the subscription lists that we have chosen. 6 546 signatures left to test which returned only 5 077)

In the opinion of the Commission:
Invalid signatures us - 29
Signatures invalid because of technical defects - 1440

Of these, 797 signatures culled after their digitization and inspection on the basis of the Ministry of interior (according to the documents was introduced all the information of the curve, and Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich could easily be anything, literally a set of unrelated letters and numbers which in the end are unable to identify).

Minus 463 signatures I want to say "thank you" to our two collectors, who were members of election commissions (banned):
Kulikovskikh T. I. member of the PEC of the Kurchatov district of Chelyabinsk No. 641 from the party "United Russia"
Moiseyev V. G. member of the PEC of the Kurchatov district of Chelyabinsk
No. 646 from the party Fair Russia.

I regard this fact as a planned provocation.

Really need your help and support!
Everything is just beginning, ahead of a lot of work to defend our signatures, rights and to win elections."


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