As expected, the Electoral Commission of the Chelyabinsk region made the decision on refusal in registration of the list of Apple Chelyabinsk , part of cotorno was launched and we, the candidates of #Stopgo.

Of course, that refusal does not agree.
Ahead of the appeal, this is clearly illegal, politically motivated decisions in the courts and the Central electoral Commission of Russia.

But managed and coordinate street action on Kirovka, July 27, Monday, from 12:00 up to 18 hours

Please come voice your opinion. We, the candidates definitely need and appreciate your support, but we need to protect our common law for a competitive and free elections!

The picket will be organized the collection of signatures under the collective complaint to the CEC.

In addition, [id181899929|Andrei] Telefon suggested another easily implemented each initiative: "one of the possible ways is to apply to the Central electoral Commission, the benefit is right there in every voter.
Sample text may be: "the Chelyabinsk regional branch of rodp YABLOKO participates in elections of deputies of legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region of the seventh convocation. Selective Association presented the electoral Commission of the Chelyabinsk region the required number of signatures for registration of single list of candidates. The Board found invalid and misleading labels, that was the reason for the refusal of registration of single list of candidates on 24 July 2020 Election Commission of the Chelyabinsk region formally came to verifying signatures and has not considered objections of the authorized representatives of APPLE.
We believe that the denial of registration is contrary to the norms of the electoral legislation and violating the rights of voters who put their signatures for nomination of lists of candidates for elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region.
Asked to cancel the decision of the electoral Commission of the Chelyabinsk region".
The text can be more emotional..."


So, Kirovka, the building of legislative Assembly of region, July 27, from 12 to 18 hours

See you!

DV, and don't forget: there are mandatory mask mode, keep social distance and all precautions.
We have to Express their opinion and thus should not hurt our health



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