Often began to appear the posts and comments from the series: "Tominskiy mine already built!", "The chief, a whisker disappeared", and so on.

Therefore, for General information published the answer of the Ural Department of Rostechnadzor to our statement about the inaction of the Governor of A. L. Texler

-JSC "Tominskiy GOK" is a construction of the processing plant
according to project documentation: "Mining plant "Tominskiy".
An enrichment plant with a capacity of 28 million tons per year." Currently produced commissioning at the factory
and testing of slurry pipelines for leaks. Commissioning
work provided by design documentation. Completion of construction works of the concentrator is PLANNED in the 4th quarter, 2020;

-supervising hydraulic structure of JSC "Tominskiy GOK" does not refer to the competence of Management;

In respect of the limited liability company "Modern mining technology", then (OOO "SGT"), a leading blasting at the mine open pit development of JSC "Tominskiy Mining and processing plant" (hereinafter JSC "Tominskiy GOK"), in accordance with article 28.7 of the administrative offences code of the Russian Federation Ural Directorate of Rostekhnadzor held an administrative investigation, the results of which in respect of SGT, OOO according to part 2, article 9.1 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation were instituted administrative proceedings. The report and the investigation materials were passed to
Leninsky district court of Yekaterinburg"
All the answer is in the attached file

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