RIA "New day" reports: "the Residents of Chelyabinsk intend to seek a direct meeting with the Governor Alexey Texiera and discuss the ecological situation in the city.

As already informed "New Day", Chelyabinsk environmental activists demanded that they took the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Alexey Teksler. Social activists wanted to meet with the head of the region on 1 July and discuss the most acute problems. But the Governor declined to meet, and the initiative of community members in a timely manner intercepted the Vice-Governor Irina Hecht and Anatoly Vekshin. They agreed with the activists that will create a platform for discussion of urgent problems.

Since it's been over a month, but the meeting still took place. Now to communicate with the Governor wants those who from the beginning did not approve of another compromise with officials. The statement of intent are published in social networks.
"We, the residents of Chelyabinsk, tired to breathe poisonous emissions, we are tired to endure the indifference of the authorities. We don't want to be silent, – said in a statement. – Time to call the Governor of Chelyabinsk region on a direct conversation.

Alexey Teksler pretending that environmental problems don't exist. As there and us residents that are daily choking on the deadly emissions of the plants. Enough, we decided. No correspondence, appeals to the President, complaints by phone and get pictures in social networks. Alas, it doesn't work! We want to get together to discuss tactics. Our main goal is to organize a mass campaign to the Governor. We will discuss how we will act to avoid legal problems and provocations. We don't belong to political parties and public associations, but we are many and we don't intend to endure and be silent. We are not a bunch of crazy city or paid activists, we – the ordinary citizens. In recent years we have been deprived of the right to elect a mayor, we are fed an endless replies and pretend we don't exist. It's time to prove the opposite!"

Recall that until August 9, there are a mode of increased readiness, announced on the occasion of a pandemic coronavirus and prohibiting any mass or public event. Obviously, in the context of growing mass discontent, the regime will be renewed.
However, the citizens while collecting only round table to develop strategy and tactics of communication with the Governor"