2018/10/30 - 17:00

Live webcast at 20:00 V. Moskovets.
# Stopgo

2018/10/30 - 16:28


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2018/10/29 - 17:55

"ALWAHDA" Picket, October 29, 2018 Natalia Gornova

2018/10/29 - 17:35


Mary Berseneva today congratulations happy birthday
Good health to You and Your family, more positive, great mood!


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2018/10/29 - 11:43


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2018/10/28 - 15:57

The speech of Vladimir Kazantsev of the conference of the Russian Socio-ecological СоюзаРепост Vera Savchenko #Stopg

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2018/10/28 - 08:00

EXPERIENCE ACTIVITIES MIKHEEVSKOGO Hookstate, it turned out a coincidence that "our" "valiant" "militiamen" are already revealed all less grave, grave and especially grave crimes in the region in recent years and therefore, in order to avoid reduction, actively "sew" the case against our Irina По

2018/10/27 - 14:33

Picket FOR the OPENNESS AND ACCESSIBILITY of ENVIRONMENTAL Informationstore, and very successfully, today in Chelyabinsk in the framework of the national campaign organized a Huge gratitude to the organizer Tatyana Pomelovoj and all the participants of the picket.It's great that the picket was at

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2018/10/27 - 12:41

In Chelyabinsk, a picket FOR the openness of environmental информации

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2018/10/26 - 17:00

PROTECT CHELYABINSK CITY PINE FOREST![id264872336|Maria Berseneva] on the hearing concerning the territory of our Bor #Stopgo

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2018/10/26 - 16:00

YOU NEED TO ACT!In Chelyabinsk, a picket FOR the openness of environmental information will take place tomorrow, Saturday, October 27, c 12-30 to 13-30, in the square to them. Andreevskogo local requirements: 1.

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2018/10/26 - 14:28

All! All! All! Hope Orthosia: "All! All! All! Think today will be two more order to the Workshop production of backfilling material and for the project of Elimination of the Korkino section."the Project to push through on the heads. And all the bad from RMK, and contractors, if that. A man died?

2018/10/26 - 12:55

Friends!Today at 13 hours of live radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda-Chelyabinsk" (95.3 FM) is your Vasily Moskovets.Talk about the plans of the officials/businessmen for the building of our urban forest and on yesterday's public hearings, Listen to the radio-the rest of the visibility :)#Stopgo

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2018/10/25 - 18:00

I'LL SEE YOU AT THE RALLY!Reposteria Moskovets#Stopgo

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2018/10/25 - 17:45

"ALWAHDA" Picket on October 25, 2018 Galina Khvan: "I'm here because I feel sorry for the Chelyabinsk. Here I studied my parents, I live happily. Follow the line from the line "will you surrender?". By the way they are seen for what they are." Repost Vera Savchenko #Stopgo

2018/10/25 - 16:04

PUBLIC hearings concerning the project of building of territory of our Forest today, right before the hearings, was admintype allegedly sent to dorabotku, of course, good, but can not relax!And thanks to everyone who came to the working time of the hearing, who by unanimous vote, supported the pr


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