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V. Moskovets

#vladimirgutorov #tominskogo

I remember that at the end of last week in Chelyabinsk visited Mr. Rybas L. A. And not seeing the full project "Tominsk GOK" (because it simply does not exist) - has already managed to declare the "full security and full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of the project of Tohoku".
For this reason in Chlb again started another "moaning on an old subject": "now and Rostekhnadzor on the side of Altushkin. Now - just build a..."

Put information about this "wonderful" office under the name of "Rostechnadzor". Its officials have long been concerned with only one: the bribery and escape from Russia (if you have time).

Therefore, to each of the heads of the Rostechnadzor law enforcement officers have "get hands". Only all of us would like to early. Already in Russia "launched" the situation with the safety of hazardous facilities - both existing and projected - to the stage "below lower limit". It is time for every officer to answer under the law.

"..."Exploits" technical inspectors

Just a few days ago abroad fled the former head of the West Ural Directorate of Rostekhnadzor Alexander Kondalov. During a search of his house militiamen found unbelievable wealth.

Only cash were more than 125 million rubles. According to investigators Kondalov his signature legalized the activities of several very hazardous without conducting any examination. This was caused ecological damage in 100 million roubles. According to the spiteful critics, supervisor Kondalova Alexey Aleshin, who may have been in a share and allowed a subordinate to do fraud.

Before that was the big story of the arrest of the head of the Central Department of Rostechnadzor Vladimir Ivchenko. He was accused of creating a criminal group from among employees of Rostechnadzor...."