Yes, 21 of February we have sent proposals on the 4th session.
To date, no answer, no greeting.
Looks like all are have to use a fallback

V. Moskovets

Oleg Boutiques


On Saturday, may 12, a meeting was held in Chelyabinsk activists of the movement against the comprador of the project "Tominskiy mine." The participants assessed the current situation and outlined the action plan for the near future.

After the opening of the Gazprombank credit lines under construction Tominsk GOK the situation escalated. The initiators of the project would boost the event, substituting the President of Russia. In November of last year Vladimir Putin has instructed the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky A. to discuss the project with the participation of all stakeholders. The public chamber of the Chelyabinsk region was the organizer of this discussion. Three sessions were held on environmental aspects of the project, the results of which have yielded important insights:

1. Tominskiy the mine will have an EQUALLY ADVERSE IMPACT ON the ENVIRONMENT as any other large industrial enterprise.
2. The initiators of the project "Tominskiy mine" REFUSED to fulfill the wish of the authorities and public of the country and Chelyabinsk region to carry out INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL, EXPERTS UPDATED PROJECT.
3. For suppression of exogenous fires in Korkinsky coal mine and to strengthen the sides of the TAILINGS TOMINSK GOK is NOT NEEDED, all the necessary material can be recovered in the quarry and vicinity.

The round table was not over. From the Stop Mining and environmental-Patriotic movements of Russia to the Public chamber had before it the proposals of the fourth session should be devoted to the Economics of the project "Tominskiy mine."

It should be noted that neither the President, nor his administration, nor of the government of the Chelyabinsk region of any statements or decisions on the results of conducted round table discussions are not made public.

On Friday, may 11, held a telephone conversation Magazova O. A. and O. V. Dubrovina. The parties came to understanding that the round table should continue, as the economic feasibility of the project remained still out of the question.

Given the above and taking into account the passive-dependent position of the greater part of the Chelyabinsk public, the meeting participants DECIDED:
1. To prepare and hold a round table meeting on the economic aspects of the project "Tominskiy mine."
2. For the roundtable to use already involves the Public chamber of the Chelyabinsk region.
3. If the Public chamber will not be able within a reasonable time (and time is running out) to arrange a meeting, then for it to use a previously prepared spare area.

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