And we ought to -date

Two pieces of news today came out almost simultaneously:
1. News Agency "URALPRESS" reports "the Inhabitants of Korkino due to the burning of the cut can't see and can hardly breathe

In the Chelyabinsk region, the long-suffering residents of the city of Korkino third day – starting Monday - I can't breathe and can't see enough of the city and the surrounding area from the early morning mist covers – as thick as sour cream, and the smell of burning is so strong that it burns in the nose and headache.

“We live in a horror movie. Go in the morning to work in the direction of the village of Roses and can hardly see anything. From the disgusting smell of burning people suffer with pressure, forced to take pills by a severe headache», - shared with the Agency “Ural-press-inform" citizens.
In the Department of environmental control Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Chelyabinsk region said that today, the fifth of December, calls from inhabitants of Korkino arrived the morning – not one. In this Department also promised to comment on the situation later."

The reason for this trouble is simple and straightforward: a dollar billionaire, the Chairman of the Committee on the environment of our legislative Assembly, "honor" by the decision of B. A. Dubrovsky, "the inhabitant of the Chelyabinsk region," Konstantin Strukov, in collusion with would-be enrichers, threw korkinsky mine without reclamation.
And now for the "merit" K. Starkova, Chairman of the Committee on the environment of our legislative Assembly, hastily want to give a premium "Bright past" (https://74.ru/text/gorod/65703221/?from=centerleftcol_old)

In people it is called: no shame, no conscience


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